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Religious Education

"Let the children come to me."




St. Alexis Religious Education


Phone:  630-766-4417

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Religious Education 2018-2019

Download the Parent Guide Understanding & Preventing Child Sexual Abuse

Educacion Religiosa del Ano 2018-2019

Descargue a Guia Para Padres Comprendiendo y Previniendo el Abuso Sexual en los Nino/as



This year we will have the following sessions:

Grades 7-12:   Tuesday evening from 6:30pm until 7:50pm

Grades 1-6: Saturday morning from 9:00am until 10:00am (Session A)

Grades 1-6:  Saturday morning from 10:30am until 11:30am (Session B) 


Catechists needed for the new school year!

Catechists and assistants will be needed for both sessions. We will also need hall monitors and office assistants (bilingual). All volunteer staff must go through the required background check and training for "Protecting God's Children". All Catechists will need to attend meetings and formation sessions (these are important for your faith development as well). If you have a love of working with children and you can share your faith with them, please take some time to think seriously about this opportunity. Catechists need to be confirmed Catholics and at least sophomores in high school. 


Who is a Catechist?

A Catechist is an ordinary person who is extraordinary because he or she teaches as Jesus did! A Catechist is a sign of Christian hope in a world turned in on itself. A Catechist is the "Good News" in flesh and blood in today's world. A Catechist is faithful to the past, open to the future, but especially dedicated to deepening the faith of the present generation. A Catechist is the Bible and the church in human form. A Catechist is the busiest person in the parish who somehow finds time to do those important things which everyone else is too busy to do.

YOU could be a Catechist! Are you interested in sharing your faith with the young people of our parish? Are you interested in helping them along their journey? Catechists are parents, grandparents, parishioners who have not had children, high school teens who have been confirmed...people just like you. If you are interested in being part of our parish catechetical team, please call the Office of Religious Education.



Tuition costs for this year

One student: $210.00

Two students: $260.00

Three or more students: $360.00

Book fee: $25.00 per student

Bible fee: $25.00 - new students in 6th grade or higher

First Communion Sacrament fee: $50.00 per student

Confirmation Sacrament fee: $60.00 per student

We will only accept credit cards, checks, and money orders for tuition payment.

Please note that Sponsors are required for the Sacrament of Confirmation only.


 Download the registration form here.


Sacrament Preparation:

Our parish follows the diocesan requirements of a full two year preparation for the sacraments. If your child is older and has not yet been Baptized or made his/her First Communion, contact the Religious Education office for details about their specific preparation.