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The St. Alexis family is a community blessed by God with a diversity of cultures and languages. Celebrating that richness, we reach out to all inviting them to gather at the table of the Lord as one People. In openness to the Gospel, we form ourselves as stewards of the Lord's gifts to create a community of faith that is unifying, supporting and nurturing.


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Regular Sunday Schedule

English 4:00PM
Spanish 6:00PM

Spanish 8:00AM
English 9:30AM
Spanish 11:00AM

English Communion Service 7:30AM

Tuesday through Friday:
English 7:30AM

Wednesday and Friday:
Spanish 9:00AM (Mie. y Vie.)

Every Thursday
Adoration and Reconciliation/Adoración y Reconciliación 7:00 PM



Thursday 7:00 PM-8:00 PM


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Mon -Thurs: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday:  9:00 Am-12:00 PM
Saturday (Sabado) Closed
Sunday (Domingo) Closed
Rectory: 630-766-3530 Fax: 630-766-3536


Religious Education Office



Religious Education tuition can be paid online. Read the Religious Education page for instructions.



Curso Básico de Biblia



 Domingos 9:30 AM a partir del 12 de Enero, Salón Cabrin


About Terry Nelson Johnson



Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson challenges us to enter more deeply into the mystery of
grace, the mystery of God through storytelling, poetry, and humor. Working with
parents, teachers, pastoral staff and faith communities Dr. Nelson-Johnson designs
and conducts formation programs that encourage, affirm, and inspire. The author
and leader of the acclaimed Beloved retreat, he is the Founder as well as Creative &
Animating Partner of Soul Play LLC, which can be found at soulplayonline.com. Dr.
Nelson-Johnson is also Resident Theologian and Animator of Faith at Old St.
Patrick's Church. He holds a Master's degree from the Institute of Pastoral Studies,
Loyola University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of St. Mary of
the Lake.


Real Questions from Bensenville
Preguntales Reales desde Bensenville


¿Qué tipo de cuerpo vamos a tener en la “resurrección del ultimo día”?
Al final de los tiempos, nuestras almas se reunirán con nuestros cuerpos y viviremos la eternidad con este cuerpo “glorioso”. Nadie sabe exactamente como ver a ser este cuerpo, pero va a tener las misas características del cuerpo resucitado de Jesús.  San Pablo nos recuerda que este cuerpo glorificado tendrá características naturales y sobrenaturales (vea 1 Corintios 15:42-49).  Por ejemplo, el cuerpo glorificado de Jesús tenía varias cualidades naturales: todavía llevaba las cicatrices de la crucifixión y era capaz de comer pescado.  Por otro lado, también tenía cualidades sobrenaturales: su cuerpo pudo entrar al cuarto cerrado donde se escondían los apóstoles y además, dos discípulos solo lo reconocieron al partió el pan.  El punto más importante es que nuestro concepto de “cuerpo glorificado” es diferente que el de Dios y ¡el de Dios es mucho mejor! No se preocupen, mis amigos; aunque es muy probable que nuestro cuerpo glorificado será muy distintito al de cuando teníamos 23 años, ¡estaremos bien contentos con nuestros cuerpos glorificados!!

What type of body will we have at the “resurrection on the last day?”
At the end of time, our souls and our bodies will reunite, and we will live the rest of eternity with this “glorified body”. We don’t know exactly how this new body will be, but it will have the same qualities as Jesus’ resurrected body.  St. Paul reminds us that this glorified body will have both natural and supernatural qualities (see 1 Corinthians 15:42-49).  Some examples of natural qualities: Jesus’ glorified body still had the scars of his crucifixion, and he was also able to eat fish.  On the other hand, his resurrected body also had supernatural qualities: he was able to enter the locked room the apostles were hiding in, and certain disciples only recognized him after the breaking of the bread.  The most important point is that our concept of “glorified body” is different than God’s… and God’s concept is much better!! Don’t worry friends, even though our resurrected body probably won’t resemble what we looked like at 23, we will all be happy with the glorified body God will give us at the end of time!       





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Real Questions
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