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The St. Alexis family is a community blessed by God with a diversity of cultures and languages. Celebrating that richness, we reach out to all inviting them to gather at the table of the Lord as one People. In openness to the Gospel, we form ourselves as stewards of the Lord's gifts to create a community of faith that is unifying, supporting and nurturing.


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English 4:00PM
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Spanish 8:00AM
English 9:30AM
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English Communion Service 7:30AM

Tuesday through Friday:
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Wednesday and Friday:
Spanish 9:00AM (Mie. y Vie.)

Every Thursday
Adoration and Reconciliation/Adoración y Reconciliación 7:00 PM



Thursday 7:00 PM-8:00 PM


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Mon -Thurs: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Friday:  9:00 Am-12:00 PM
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Rectory: 630-766-3530 Fax: 630-766-3536


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Religious Education tuition can be paid online. Read the Religious Education page for instructions.



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 Domingos 9:00 AM a partir del 16 de Febrero


About Terry Nelson Johnson



Dr. Terry Nelson-Johnson challenges us to enter more deeply into the mystery of
grace, the mystery of God through storytelling, poetry, and humor. Working with
parents, teachers, pastoral staff and faith communities Dr. Nelson-Johnson designs
and conducts formation programs that encourage, affirm, and inspire. The author
and leader of the acclaimed Beloved retreat, he is the Founder as well as Creative &
Animating Partner of Soul Play LLC, which can be found at soulplayonline.com. Dr.
Nelson-Johnson is also Resident Theologian and Animator of Faith at Old St.
Patrick's Church. He holds a Master's degree from the Institute of Pastoral Studies,
Loyola University and a Doctor of Ministry degree from the University of St. Mary of
the Lake.


Real Questions from Bensenville
Preguntales Reales desde Bensenville


¿Dado que el vaticano tiene mucha riqueza, por qué no ayuda a los pobres?
Gracias por la pregunta. Yo entiendo la percepción que muchos tienen: el liderazgo eclesial viviendo en palacios lujosos mientas los pobres sufren. De hecho, la iglesia católica (con sus mil millones miembros y su historia de 2000 años) ha hecho más obras de caridad que cualquier organización en la historia del mundo. En sí, el vaticano es el país más pequeño del mundo y su ingreso es mucho menos que el de la ciudad de Chicago. El vaticano sí tiene riqueza, pero casi toda existe en forma de las obras de arte. Respecto a estas, los artistas y escultores las hicieron por devoción a Dios, y el vaticano las tiene en su museo para compartirlas con el mundo… no están en venta. Sin embargo, cada parroquia católica destina fondos a los pobres. Aquí en San Alexis, tenemos nuestra cuenta bancaria “fondos para los necesitados”, de la cual donamos dinero a la gente necesitada. Obvio, la responsabilidad de ayudar materialmente a los pobres no es solo institucional, sino también individual. ¡Los católicos deberíamos de ser los más generosos del mundo cuando se trata de los pobres, desde el Papa hasta el feligrés sentado en la última banca!

Why doesn’t the Vatican use more of its money to help the poor?
Thanks for the question. I understand the perception that many have: the church leadership living in their palaces while the poor suffer. In fact, the Catholic Church (with its 2000 year history and one billion members) have engaged in more acts of charity than any other organization in the history for the world. In reality, Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, and its income is much less than that of the city of Chicago. The Vatican does have incredible riches, but it all exists in works of art. The artists originally made these masterpieces in devotion to God; the Vatican City Museum keeps them to share with the world… they’re not for sale. Nevertheless, each individual catholic parish has funds destined for the poor. Here at St. Alexis, we have our “Funds for the Needy” bank account, where we donate money to people in need. Of course, the responsibility to help the poor materially is not just institutional, it’s also individual. We Catholics should be the most generous people in the world when it comes to helping the poor, from the Pope to the person in the pew!



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Real Questions
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